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Put your soul into it
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I’m not going to elaborate on how much time I spent trying to capture this particular .. belt buckle… all for you Nell. 

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How to not-so-subtly flirt with your crush (by Misha Collins)

  • Make a light joke preferably about your non-existent wardrobe change. If he laughs then you’re off to a good start.
  • If you’re an actor, casually talk about the character you play and emphasise the things you don’t like about said character like his voice, or say, how bad his posture is. Your crush will laugh at that, guaranteed.  
  • Deliberately humiliate yourself in front of your crush. Read your old resume for instance. Use an Indorussian accent. Good for you if your crush actually has accent kinks for this will evoke doubling-over laughter.  
  • Mime your auditions back in the day. Do not forget to do so with that Indorussian accent your crush apparently loves so much.
  • Make cute effeminate movements with your leg to showcase your dancing skills. Also, keep using your Indorussian accent. He won’t get tired of it.  
  • Take a break from humiliating yourself for a few seconds. Smile at his direction. His all-encompassing laughter will be vital to ensure how well you are faring at this point in your flirtation.
  • After resting, return to your regular Indorussian accent programming. Exploit it. Your crush will probably have a stomachache by the end of your flirting session but it will be worth it.
  • Make a joke about riding horses or just animals in general and how you’re fine with that as long as said animals are asleep. Bonus again if he doubles over from laughter.
  • Indignantly point out how he never missed your character when he was stewing in Purgatory. It will fluster him and you will be rewarded with something refreshing: an embarrassed smile. 
  • If your crush gives you a big box containing sunflowers as a form of apology from ignoring your character back in Season 8, accept graciously and make another witty comeback. Ensuing laughter from him will be precious and golden.

How to subtly flirt with your crush (by Jensen Ackles)

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How to subtly flirt with your crush (by Jensen Ackles)

  • Go all cutesy and fangirl-y when you ask your crush a question. 
  • You have successfully caught his attention when he angles his body towards you and gives you his full attention (bonus point if he smiles that warm smile he reserves just for you)
  • Get closer to your crush and angle your body in an unthreatening yet endearing way (bonus point if your crush looks flustered and nervous)
  • Watch him intently as he does what you ask him to do.
  • Do a full-body laugh when he delivers and try to fall over for maximum effect.

How to not-so-subtly flirt with your crush (by Misha Collins)

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last one for tonight. I need sleep as today is J2 day and I have to be up in about 5 hours. :X 

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It’s not fair for him to even be on the show. Who’s gonna beat him? Seriously?

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john’s gross creys is pretty much mfw i watched this scene

sorry there is no kissing but there is hugging i hope thats okay

Also can it end in kissing.

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