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Put your soul into it
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Talking about his son, West, and the geese [x]

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You know what we should have in our homes? A period kit. Things to have for when you have a period. Yeah.

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slavetomyfandoms whispered:hey sweetie bell its gonna be okay!! im here if ya need to vent!!! chin up cutie!!! we love you!! 

Thank you :) I’m a little better from last night. You’re too kind. xx

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wobbish whispered:Until about tenth grade, I hated people touching me, or seeing arguments about to erupt, really due to family stuff. I know how it feels to be affected in stupidly subtle, woven ways by that kind of household. It's like as a kid, you always find some justification for their actions, even though you don't really agree with what the justification is, but sometimes it's enough to hold you off making a statement. Other times, you just know it's not right, and every other moment becomes loud again. 

That’s very similar to how I feel. Thanks sweetie, it feels less lonely.

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Anonymous whispered:Dude you fuckin rock and I'm sorry your dad's being a dick and Misha is sooooooooooo pretty and perfect and just feel better because you are an amazing human and deserve rainbows and happiness <3333 

It felt like Dean was telling me this, thank you flower bud. xx

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your theme music for the day

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Sherlock got a new friend.

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"I had no choice. I did it to protect the boys. Or to protect myself. I -I don’t know anymore."